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Contributors to FreeBSD
This article lists individuals and organizations who have made a contribution to FreeBSD.
Donors Gallery
As of 2010, the following section is several years out-of-date. Donations from the past several years appear https://www.FreeBSD.org/donations/donors/[here].
The FreeBSD Project is indebted to the following donors and would like to publicly thank them here!
_Contributors to the central server project:_ The following individuals and businesses made it possible for the FreeBSD Project to build a new central server machine, which has replaced `freefall.FreeBSD.org` at one point, by donating the following items:
{mbarkah} and his employer, http://www.hemi.com/[ Hemisphere Online], donated a _Pentium Pro (P6) 200MHz CPU_
http://www.asacomputers.com/[ASA Computers] donated a _Tyan 1662 motherboard_.
Joe McGuckin mailto:joe@via.net[joe@via.net] of http://www.via.net/[ViaNet Communications] donated a _Kingston ethernet controller._
Jack O'Neill mailto:jack@diamond.xtalwind.net[jack@diamond.xtalwind.net] donated an _NCR 53C875 SCSI controller card_.
Ulf Zimmermann mailto:ulf@Alameda.net[ulf@Alameda.net] of http://www.Alameda.net/[Alameda Networks] donated _128MB of memory_, a _4 Gb disk drive and the case._
_Direct funding:_
The following individuals and businesses have generously contributed direct funding to the project:
http://www.bluemountain.com/[Blue Mountain Arts]
http://www.epilogue.com/[Epilogue Technology Corporation]