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Bruce D. Evans (1991 - 2019; RIP 2019)
Bruce was a programming giant who made FreeBSD his home.
Back before FreeBSD and Linux there was Minix, a toy "unix" written by Andy Tannenbaum, released in 1987, sold with complete sources on three floppy disks, for $99.
Bruce ported Minix to the i386 around 1989.
Linus Torvalds used Minix/386 to develop his own kernel, and Bruce was the first person he thanked in the release-announcement.
When Bill Jolitz released 386BSD 0.1 in 1992, Bruce was listed as a contributor.
Bruce co-founded the FreeBSD project, and served on core.0, but he was never partisan, and over the years many other projects have benefitted from his patches, advice and wisdom.
Code reviews from Bruce came in three flavours, "mild", "brucified" and "brucifiction", but they were never personal: It was always only about the code, the mistakes, the sloppy thinking, the missing historical context, the ambiguous standards - and the style(9) transgressions.
As Bruce gave more code reviews than anybody else in the history of the FreeBSD project, the commit logs hide the true scale of his impact until you pay attention to "Submitted by", "Reviewed by" and "Pointed out by".
Being hard of hearing, Bruce did not attend conferences.
The notable exception was the 1999 BSDcon in California, where his core team colleagues greeted him with "We're not worthy!" in Wayne's World fashion.
Twenty years later we're still not.
Kurt Lidl (2015 - 2019; RIP 2019)
Kurt first got involved with BSD while it was still a project at the University of California at Berkeley. Shortly after personalized license plates became available in Maryland, he got "BSDWZRD".
He began contributing to FreeBSD shortly after the conception of the project. He became a FreeBSD source committer in October 2015.
Kurt's most well known FreeBSD project was man:blacklistd[8] which blocks and releases ports on demand to avoid DoS abuse. He has also made many other bug fixes and enhancements to DTrace, boot loaders, and other bits and pieces of the FreeBSD infrastructure.
Earlier work included the game XTank, an author on RFC 2516 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2516["A Method for Transmitting PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE)"], and the USENIX paper https://www.usenix.org/conference/usenix-winter-1994-technical-conference/drinking-firehose-multicast-usenet-news["Drinking from the Firehose: Multicast USENET News"].
Frank Durda IV (1995 - 2003; RIP 2018)
Frank had been around the project since the very early days, contributing code to the 1.x line before becoming a committer.
Andrey A. Chernov (1993 - 2017; RIP 2017)