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Should I ask `-questions` or `-hackers`?
Two mailing lists handle general questions about FreeBSD, `FreeBSD-questions` and `FreeBSD-hackers`. In some cases, it is not really clear which group you should ask. The following criteria should help for 99% of all questions, however:
If the question is of a general nature, ask `FreeBSD-questions`. Examples might be questions about installing FreeBSD or the use of a particular UNIX(R) utility.
If you think the question relates to a bug, but you are not sure, or you do not know how to look for it, send the message to `FreeBSD-questions`.
If the question relates to a bug, and you are _sure_ that it is a bug (for example, you can pinpoint the place in the code where it happens, and you maybe have a fix), then send the message to `FreeBSD-hackers`.
If the question relates to enhancements to FreeBSD, and you can make suggestions about how to implement them, then send the message to `FreeBSD-hackers`.