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Update [.filename]#scripts/build.conf# appropriately. It is sourced during all build operations.
Here is the default [.filename]#build.conf#, which should be modified to suit your environment.
# Main configuration file for FreeBSD Update builds. The
# release-specific configuration data is lower down in
# the scripts tree.
# Location from which to fetch releases
export FTP=ftp://ftp2.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases <.>
# Host platform
export HOSTPLATFORM=`uname -m`
# Host name to use inside jails
export BUILDHOSTNAME=${HOSTPLATFORM}-builder.daemonology.net <.>
# Location of SSH key
export SSHKEY=/root/.ssh/id_dsa <.>
# SSH account into which files are uploaded
MASTERACCT=builder@wadham.daemonology.net <.>
# Directory into which files are uploaded
MASTERDIR=update-master.freebsd.org <.>
Parameters for consideration would be:
<.> This is the location where ISO images are downloaded from (by the `fetchiso()` subroutine of [.filename]#scripts/build.subr#). The location configured is not limited to FTP URIs. Any URI scheme supported by standard man:fetch[1] utility should work fine. Customizations to the `fetchiso()` code can be installed by copying the default [.filename]#build.subr# script to the release and architecture-specific area at [.filename]#scripts/RELEASE/ARCHITECTURE/build.subr# and applying local changes.
<.> The name of the build host. This information will be displayed on updated systems when issuing:
% uname -v
<.> The SSH key for uploading files to the update server. A key pair can be created by typing `ssh-keygen -t dsa`. This parameter is optional; standard password authentication will be used as a fallback authentication method when `SSHKEY` is not defined. The man:ssh-keygen[1] manual page has more detailed information about SSH and the appropriate steps for creating and using one.
<.> Account for uploading files to the update server.
<.> Directory on the update server where files are uploaded to.
The default [.filename]#build.conf# shipped with the freebsd-update-server sources is suitable for building i386 releases of FreeBSD. As an example of building an update server for other architectures, the following steps outline the configuration changes needed for amd64:
Create a build environment for amd64:
% mkdir -p /usr/local/freebsd-update-server/scripts/7.2-RELEASE/amd64
Install a [.filename]#build.conf# in the newly created build directory. The build configuration options for FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE on amd64 should be similar to: