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If a custom release is built using the native `make release` link:{releng}#release-build[procedure], freebsd-update-server code will work from your release. As an example, a release without ports or documentation can be built by clearing functionality pertaining to documentation subroutines `findextradocs ()`, `addextradocs ()` and altering the download location in `fetchiso ()`, respectively, in [.filename]#scripts/build.subr#. As a last step, change the man:sha256[1] hash in [.filename]#build.conf# under your respective release and architecture and you are ready to build off your custom release.
# Compare ${WORKDIR}/release and ${WORKDIR}/$1, identify which parts
# of the world|doc subcomponent are missing from the latter, and
# build a tarball out of them.
findextradocs () {
# Add extra docs to ${WORKDIR}/$1
addextradocs () {
Adding `-j _NUMBER_` flags to `buildworld` and `obj` targets in the [.filename]#scripts/build.subr# script may speed up processing depending on the hardware used, however it is not necessary. Using these flags in other targets is not recommended, as it may cause the build to become unreliable.
# Build the world
log "Building world"
cd /usr/src &&
make -j 2 ${COMPATFLAGS} buildworld 2>&1
# Distribute the world
log "Distributing world"
cd /usr/src/release &&
make -j 2 obj &&
make ${COMPATFLAGS} release.1 release.2 2>&1
Create an appropriate link:{handbook}#network-dns[DNS] SRV record for the update server, and put others behind it with variable weights. Using this facility will provide update mirrors, however this tip is not necessary unless you wish to provide a redundant service.
_http._tcp.update.myserver.com. IN SRV 0 2 80 host1.myserver.com.
IN SRV 0 1 80 host2.myserver.com.
IN SRV 0 0 80 host3.myserver.com.