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Mirroring FreeBSD
An in-progress article on how to mirror FreeBSD, aimed at hub administrators.
We are not accepting new mirrors at this time.
Contact Information
The Mirror System Coordinators can be reached through email at mailto:mirror-admin@FreeBSD.org[mirror-admin@FreeBSD.org]. There is also a {freebsd-hubs}.
Requirements for FreeBSD Mirrors
Disk Space
Disk space is one of the most important requirements. Depending on the set of releases, architectures, and degree of completeness you want to mirror, a huge amount of disk space may be consumed. Also keep in mind that _official_ mirrors are probably required to be complete. The web pages should always be mirrored completely. Also note that the numbers stated here are reflecting the current state (at {rel120-current}-RELEASE/{rel113-current}-RELEASE). Further development and releases will only increase the required amount. Also make sure to keep some (ca. 10-20%) extra space around just to be sure. Here are some approximate figures:
Full FTP Distribution: 1.4 TB
CTM deltas: 10 GB
Web pages: 1GB
The current disk usage of FTP Distribution can be found at link:ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/dir.sizes[ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/dir.sizes].
Network Connection/Bandwidth
Of course, you need to be connected to the Internet. The required bandwidth depends on your intended use of the mirror. If you just want to mirror some parts of FreeBSD for local use at your site/intranet, the demand may be much smaller than if you want to make the files publicly available. If you intend to become an official mirror, the bandwidth required will be even higher. We can only give rough estimates here:
Local site, no public access: basically no minimum, but < 2 Mbps could make syncing too slow.
Unofficial public site: 34 Mbps is probably a good start.
Official site: > 100 Mbps is recommended, and your host should be connected as close as possible to your border router.
System Requirements, CPU, RAM