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A candidate should have almost no timeouts, be responsive to requests, and generally helpful in supporting their ports.
A rookie mentor can benefit from the experience of a senior committer/mentor.
As the trust level develops and grows, the mentee may be granted "implicit" commit rights. This can include trivial changes to a [.filename]#Makefile#, [.filename]#pkg-descr# etc. Similarly, it may include `PORTVERSION` updates that do not include `plist` changes. Other circumstances may be formulated at the discretion of the Mentor. However, during the period of mentorship, a port version bump that affects dependent ports should be checked by a mentor.
Ask six different committers how many PRs a maintainer should submit prior to being nominated, and you will get six different answers. Ask those same individuals how long somebody should have been participating, same dilemma. How many ports should they have at a minimum? Now we have a bikeshed! Some things are just hard to quantify, a mentor will just have to use their best judgement, and hope that portmgr agrees.
Being subscribed to, and following the mailing lists is very beneficial. There is no real expectation that submitting posts on the lists will make somebody a committer, but it demonstrates a commitment. Some mails offer insights into the knowledge of a candidate as well how they interact with others. Similarly participating in IRC can give somebody a higher profile.
ENOTIME! Until there is a 30 hour day, and an 8 day week, some of us only have so much time to give. Sharing the load with somebody else will make it easier.
For most of us, we were mentored into the Project, so return the favor by offering to mentor somebody else in.
Guideline for Mentor/Mentee Relationships
Just as we are all varied individuals, each mentee has different learning curves, time commitments, and other influencing factors that will contribute to the time required before they can "fly solo". Empirically, a mentee should be observed for at least 3 months. 90-100 commits is another target that a mentor could use before releasing a mentee. Other factors to consider prior releasing a mentee are the number of mistakes they may have made, QATs received etc. If they are still making rookie mistakes, they still require mentor guidance.
Mentor/Co-Mentor Debate
Mentorship Duration
Port Mentor Guidelines
Port Mentor Guidelines for FreeBSD Mentors
Potential language barrier. Yes, FreeBSD is very English oriented, as is most software development, however, having a mentor who can speak a native language can be very useful.
Reasons for a co-mentorship:
Reasons for sole mentorship:
Selecting a Mentee