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Protectees 保护对象
A list of data structures or data structure members that this entry protects. For data structure members, the name will be in the form of `structure name`.`member name`.
Dependent Functions 依赖函数
Functions that can only be called if this mutex is held. 仅当mutex被持有时才可以被调用的函数。
Mutex List Mutex列表
| Variable Name
| Logical Name
| Type
| Protectees
| Dependent Functions

|"sched lock"
|`_gmonparam`, `cnt.v_swtch`, `cp_time`, `curpriority`, `mtx`.`mtx_blocked`, `mtx`.`mtx_contested`, `proc`.`p_procq`, `proc`.`p_slpq`, `proc`.`p_sflag`, `proc`.`p_stat`, `proc`.`p_estcpu`, `proc`.`p_cpticks` `proc`.`p_pctcpu`, `proc`.`p_wchan`, `proc`.`p_wmesg`, `proc`.`p_swtime`, `proc`.`p_slptime`, `proc`.`p_runtime`, `proc`.`p_uu`, `proc`.`p_su`, `proc`.`p_iu`, `proc`.`p_uticks`, `proc`.`p_sticks`, `proc`.`p_iticks`, `proc`.`p_oncpu`, `proc`.`p_lastcpu`, `proc`.`p_rqindex`, `proc`.`p_heldmtx`, `proc`.`p_blocked`, `proc`.`p_mtxname`, `proc`.`p_contested`, `proc`.`p_priority`, `proc`.`p_usrpri`, `proc`.`p_nativepri`, `proc`.`p_nice`, `proc`.`p_rtprio`, `pscnt`, `slpque`, `itqueuebits`, `itqueues`, `rtqueuebits`, `rtqueues`, `queuebits`, `queues`, `idqueuebits`, `idqueues`, `switchtime`, `switchticks`
|`setrunqueue`, `remrunqueue`, `mi_switch`, `chooseproc`, `schedclock`, `resetpriority`, `updatepri`, `maybe_resched`, `cpu_switch`, `cpu_throw`, `need_resched`, `resched_wanted`, `clear_resched`, `aston`, `astoff`, `astpending`, `calcru`, `proc_compare`

|"vm86pcb lock"

|nearly everything

|"callout lock"
|`callfree`, `callwheel`, `nextsoftcheck`, `proc`.`p_itcallout`, `proc`.`p_slpcallout`, `softticks`, `ticks`
Shared Exclusive Locks 共享互斥锁
These locks provide basic reader-writer type functionality and may be held by a sleeping process. Currently they are backed by man:lockmgr[9].
Shared Exclusive Lock List 共享互斥锁列表
| Variable Name
| Protectees

|`allproc` `zombproc` `pidhashtbl` `proc`.`p_list` `proc`.`p_hash` `nextpid`

|`proc`.`p_children` `proc`.`p_sibling`
Atomically Protected Variables 原子保护变量
An atomically protected variable is a special variable that is not protected by an explicit lock. Instead, all data accesses to the variables use special atomic operations as described in man:atomic[9]. Very few variables are treated this way, although other synchronization primitives such as mutexes are implemented with atomically protected variables.