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Note that I have included a '`+`' in the line before the line that I added, but that is simply to highlight the line. Do not add it to the actual driver. Once you have added the line, you can recompile your kernel or module and test it. If the device is recognized and works, please submit a patch. If it does not work, please figure out what is needed to make it work and submit a patch. If the device is not recognized at all, you have done something wrong and should recheck each step. 注意,我在我添加的行前面包含了'<literal>+</literal>',但这只是 用来强调这一行。不要把它添加到实际驱动程序中。一旦你添加了这行,就 可以重新编译内核或模块,并试着看它是否能识别设备。如果它识别出设备 并能工作,请提交补丁。如果它不工作,请找出让它工作所需要的东西并 提交一个补丁。如果它根本不识别设备,那么你可能做错了什么,应当重新 检查每一步。
If you are a FreeBSD src committer, and everything appears to be working, then you can commit the changes to the tree. However, there are some minor tricky things to be considered. [.filename]#pccarddevs# must be committed to the tree first. Then [.filename]#pccarddevs.h# must be regenerated and committed as a second step, ensuring that the right $FreeBSD$ tag is in the latter file. Finally, commit the additions to the driver. 如果你是一个FreeBSD源代码的committer,并且所有东西看起来都 正常工作,则你应当把这些改变提交到树中。然而有些小技巧的东西你 需要考虑。首先,你必须提交<filename>pccarddevs</filename>文件到 树中。完成后,你必须重新产生<filename>pccarddevs.h</filename> 并将它作为另一次提交来提交(这是为了确保正确的 $FreeBSD$标签会留在后面的文件中)。最后,你需要把 其它东西提交到驱动程序。
Please do not send entries for new devices to the author directly. Instead, submit them as a PR and send the author the PR number for his records. This ensures that entries are not lost. When submitting a PR, it is unnecessary to include the [.filename]#pccardevs.h# diffs in the patch, since those will be regenerated. It is necessary to include a description of the device, as well as the patches to the client driver. If you do not know the name, use OEM99 as the name, and the author will adjust OEM99 accordingly after investigation. Committers should not commit OEM99, but instead find the highest OEM entry and commit one more than that. 很多人直接把新设备的条目发送给作者。请不要那样做。请将它们作为 PR来提交,并将PR号码发送给作者用于记录。这样确保条目不会丢失。提交 PR时,补丁中没有必要包含<filename>pccardevs.h</filename>的diff, 因为那些东西可以重新产生。包含设备的描述和客户驱动程序的补丁是必要 的。如果你不知道名字,使用OEM99作为名字,作者将会调查后相应地调整 OEM99。提交者不应当提交OEM99,而应该找到最高的OEM条目并提交高于那个 的一个。