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Using the Catalog Files from the Source Code
Using the catalog files is simple. To use the related functions, [.filename]#nl_types.h# must be included. Before using a catalog, it has to be opened with man:catopen[3]. The function takes two arguments. The first parameter is the name of the installed and compiled catalog. Usually, the name of the program is used, such as grep. This name will be used when looking for the compiled catalog file. The man:catopen[3] call looks for this file in [.filename]#/usr/share/nls/locale/catname# and in [.filename]#/usr/local/shared/nls/locale/catname#, where `locale` is the locale set and `catname` is the catalog name being discussed. The second parameter is a constant, which can have two values:
`NL_CAT_LOCALE`, which means that the used catalog file will be based on `LC_MESSAGES`.
`0`, which means that `LANG` has to be used to open the proper catalog.
The man:catopen[3] call returns a catalog identifier of type `nl_catd`. Please refer to the manual page for a list of possible returned error codes.
After opening a catalog man:catgets[3] can be used to retrieve a message. The first parameter is the catalog identifier returned by man:catopen[3], the second one is the number of the set, the third one is the number of the messages, and the fourth one is a fallback message, which will be returned if the requested message cannot be retrieved from the catalog file.
After using the catalog file, it must be closed by calling man:catclose[3], which has one argument, the catalog id.
A Practical Example
The following example will demonstrate an easy solution on how to use NLS catalogs in a flexible way.
The below lines need to be put into a common header file of the program, which is included into all source files where localized messages are necessary:
#define getstr(n) nlsstr[n]
#include nl_types.h
extern nl_catd catalog;
#define getstr(n) catgets(catalog, 1, n, nlsstr[n])
extern char *nlsstr[];
Next, put these lines into the global declaration part of the main source file:
#include nl_types.h
nl_catd catalog;
* Default messages to use when NLS is disabled or no catalog
* is found.
char *nlsstr[] = {
/* 1*/ "some random message",
/* 2*/ "some other message"
Next come the real code snippets, which open, read, and close the catalog:
catalog = catopen("myapp", NL_CAT_LOCALE);