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Chapter 1. Overview
Welcome to the FreeBSD Documentation Project (FDP). Quality documentation is crucial to the success of FreeBSD, and we value your contributions very highly.
This document describes how the FDP is organized, how to write and submit documentation, and how to effectively use the available tools.
Everyone is welcome to contribute to the FDP. Willingness to contribute is the only membership requirement.
This primer shows how to:
Identify which parts of FreeBSD are maintained by the FDP.
Install the required documentation tools and files.
Make changes to the documentation.
Submit changes back for review and inclusion in the FreeBSD documentation.
Some preparatory steps must be taken before editing the FreeBSD documentation. First, subscribe to the {freebsd-doc}. Some team members also interact on the `#bsddocs` IRC channel on http://www.efnet.org/[EFnet]. These people can help with questions or problems involving the documentation.
Install these packages. These packages are all of the software needed to edit and build FreeBSD documentation. The Git package is needed to obtain a working copy of the documentation and generate patches with.
# pkg install gohugo python3 git-lite rubygem-asciidoctor rubygem-rouge
Optional: to generate PDF documentation install `asciidoctor-pdf`
# pkg install rubygem-asciidoctor-pdf
Install a local working copy of the documentation from the FreeBSD repository in [.filename]#~/doc# (see <<working-copy>>).
% git clone https://git.FreeBSD.org/doc.git doc
Configure the text editor:
Tab stops set to 2.
Replace each group of 8 leading spaces with a single tab.
Specific editor configurations are listed in <<editor-config>>.