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Give the diff file a descriptive name. In the example above, changes have been made to the [.filename]#bsdinstall# portion of the Handbook.
Review the output and edit the file to fix any problems shown, then rerun the command to find any remaining problems. Repeat until all of the errors are resolved.
Specific editor configurations are listed in <<editor-config>>.
# pkg install gohugo python3 git-lite rubygem-asciidoctor rubygem-rouge
# pkg install rubygem-asciidoctor-pdf
% cd ~/doc
% git diff > bsdinstall.diff.txt
% git clone https://git.FreeBSD.org/doc.git doc
Chapter 1. Overview
Configure the text editor:
Documentation commit messages are visible with `git log`. Commit messages are also archived at link:{git-doc-all}.
Documentation source for the FreeBSD web site, Handbook, and FAQ is available in the documentation repository at `https://cgit.freebsd.org/doc/`.
Edit the documentation files that require changes. If a file needs major changes, consult the mailing list for input.
Everyone is welcome to contribute to the FDP. Willingness to contribute is the only membership requirement.
Identify which parts of FreeBSD are maintained by the FDP.
Install a local working copy of the documentation from the FreeBSD repository in [.filename]#~/doc# (see <<working-copy>>).
Install the required documentation tools and files.
Install these packages. These packages are all of the software needed to edit and build FreeBSD documentation. The Git package is needed to obtain a working copy of the documentation and generate patches with.
Make changes to the documentation.
Many people have written tutorials or how-to articles about FreeBSD. Some are stored as part of the FDP files. In other cases, the author has decided to keep the documentation separate. The FDP endeavors to provide links to as much of this external documentation as possible.
Optional: to generate PDF documentation install `asciidoctor-pdf`