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Reverting Changes
Sometimes it turns out that changes were not necessary after all, or the writer just wants to start over. Files can be "reset" to their unchanged form with `git restore`. For example, to erase the edits made to [.filename]#_index.adoc# and reset it to unmodified form:
% git restore _index.adoc
Making a Diff
After edits to a file or group of files are completed, the differences between the local working copy and the version on the FreeBSD repository must be collected into a single file for submission. These _diff_ files are produced by redirecting the output of `git diff` into a file:
% cd ~/doc
% git diff doc-fix-spelling.diff
Give the file a meaningful name that identifies the contents. The example above is for spelling fixes to the whole documentation tree.
If the diff file is to be submitted with the web "link:https://bugs.FreeBSD.org/bugzilla/enter_bug.cgi[Submit a FreeBSD problem report]" interface, add a [.filename]#.txt# extension to give the earnest and simple-minded web form a clue that the contents are plain text.
Be careful: `git diff` includes all changes made in the current directory and any subdirectories. If there are files in the working copy with edits that are not ready to be submitted yet, provide a list of only the files that are to be included:
% cd ~/doc
% git diff disks/_index.adoc printers/_index.adoc disks-printers.diff
Git References
These examples show very basic usage of Git. More detail is available in the https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2[Git Book] and the https://git-scm.com/doc[Git documentation].