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IV. Network Communication
Chapter 32. Advanced Networking
Advanced Networking
This chapter covers a number of advanced networking topics.
After reading this chapter, you will know:
The basics of gateways and routes.
How to set up USB tethering.
How to set up IEEE(R) 802.11 and Bluetooth(R) devices.
How to make FreeBSD act as a bridge.
How to set up network PXE booting.
How to set up IPv6 on a FreeBSD machine.
How to enable and utilize the features of the Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) in FreeBSD.
How to configure multiple VLANs on FreeBSD.
Configure bluetooth headset.
Before reading this chapter, you should:
Understand the basics of the [.filename]#/etc/rc# scripts.
Be familiar with basic network terminology.
Know how to configure and install a new FreeBSD kernel (crossref:kernelconfig[kernelconfig,Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel]).
Know how to install additional third-party software (crossref:ports[ports,Installing Applications: Packages and Ports]).