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Advanced Networking 高级网络配置
Synopsis 简介
This chapter covers a number of advanced networking topics. 本章介绍许多高级网络主题。
After reading this chapter, you will know: 读完本章节,你将会知道:
The basics of gateways and routes. 网关和路由的基础知识。
How to set up USB tethering. 如何设置 USB 共享。
How to make FreeBSD act as a bridge. 如何用 FreeBSD 做网桥。
Configure bluetooth headset. 配置蓝牙耳机。
Before reading this chapter, you should: 在阅读这个章节之前,您应当:
Be familiar with basic network terminology. 熟悉基本网络术语。
Gateways and Routes 网关和路由
This section provides an overview of routing basics. It then demonstrates how to configure a FreeBSD system as a router and offers some troubleshooting tips. 本节概述了路由基础知识。然后演示如何将 FreeBSD 系统配置为路由器,并提供一些故障排除提示。
Routing Basics 路由基础概念
The entries in this example are as follows: 此示例中的条目含义如下所示:
default default
localhost localhost
MAC address MAC address
subnet subnet
host host
224 224