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Part V. Appendices
Appendix B. Bibliography
While manual pages provide a definitive reference for individual pieces of the FreeBSD operating system, they seldom illustrate how to put the pieces together to make the whole operating system run smoothly. For this, there is no substitute for a good book or users' manual on UNIX(R) system administration.
Books Specific to FreeBSD
International books:
http://jdli.tw.FreeBSD.org/publication/book/freebsd2/index.htm[Using FreeBSD] (in Traditional Chinese), published by http://www.drmaster.com.tw/[Drmaster], 1997. ISBN 9-578-39435-7.
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FreeBSD & Windows (in Simplified Chinese), published by http://www.tdpress.com/[China Railway Publishing House]. ISBN 7-113-03845-X
FreeBSD Internet Services HOWTO (in Simplified Chinese), published by China Railway Publishing House. ISBN 7-113-03423-3
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Onno W Purbo, Dodi Maryanto, Syahrial Hubbany, Widjil Widodo _http://maxwell.itb.ac.id/[Building Internet Server with FreeBSD]_ (in Indonesia Language), published by http://www.elexmedia.co.id/[Elex Media Komputindo].