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HAST should generally work without issues. However, as with any other software product, there may be times when it does not work as supposed. The sources of the problems may be different, but the rule of thumb is to ensure that the time is synchronized between the nodes of the cluster.
When troubleshooting HAST, the debugging level of man:hastd[8] should be increased by starting `hastd` with `-d`. This argument may be specified multiple times to further increase the debugging level. Consider also using `-F`, which starts `hastd` in the foreground.
Recovering from the Split-brain Condition
_Split-brain_ occurs when the nodes of the cluster are unable to communicate with each other, and both are configured as primary. This is a dangerous condition because it allows both nodes to make incompatible changes to the data. This problem must be corrected manually by the system administrator.
The administrator must either decide which node has more important changes, or perform the merge manually. Then, let HAST perform full synchronization of the node which has the broken data. To do this, issue these commands on the node which needs to be resynchronized:
# hastctl role init test
# hastctl create test
# hastctl role secondary test