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Part III. System Administration
Chapter 25. DTrace
The official guide to DTrace is maintained by the Illumos project at http://dtrace.org/guide[DTrace Guide].
After reading this chapter, you will know:
What DTrace is and what features it provides.
Differences between the Solaris(TM) DTrace implementation and the one provided by FreeBSD.
How to enable and use DTrace on FreeBSD.
Before reading this chapter, you should:
Understand UNIX(R) and FreeBSD basics (crossref:basics[basics,FreeBSD Basics]).
Have some familiarity with security and how it pertains to FreeBSD (crossref:security[security,Security]).
Implementation Differences
# kldload dtraceall
Beginning with FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE, the modules are automatically loaded when `dtrace` is run.
Enabling DTrace Support
options DDB_CTF
makeoptions DEBUG=-g
makeoptions WITH_CTF=1
Users of the AMD64 architecture should also add this line:
Using DTrace