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GEOM: Modular Disk Transformation Framework GEOM: 模組化磁碟轉換框架
Synopsis 概述
After reading this chapter, you will know: 讀完這章,您將了解:
Before reading this chapter, you should: 在開始閱讀這章之前,您需要:
RAID0 - Striping RAID0 - 串連 (Striping)
RAID1 - Mirroring RAID1 - 鏡像 (Mirroring)
Metadata Issues Metadata 問題
Creating a Mirror with Two New Disks 使用兩個新磁碟建立鏡像
Creating a Mirror with an Existing Drive 使用既有磁碟建立鏡像
Troubleshooting 疑難排解
Recovering from Disk Failure 自磁碟故障復原
Creating an Array 建立陣列
Multiple Volumes 多磁碟區
Converting a Single Drive to a Mirror 轉換單一磁碟為鏡像
Inserting New Drives into the Array 插入新磁碟到陣列
Removing Drives from the Array 從陣列移除磁碟
Stopping the Array 停止陣列
Checking Array Status 檢查陣列狀態
Deleting Arrays 刪除陣列
Deleting Unexpected Arrays 刪除預期之外的陣列