# adduser -class language
# cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf
# chpass user_name
# pw useradd user_name -L language
#Users who do not wish to use monetary units or time formats
#of Taiwan can manually change each variable
:xmodifiers="@im=gcin": #Set gcin as the XIM Input Server
% locale
% locale -a | more
/dev/ad0s2 /dos/c msdos rw,-Lru_RU.KOI8-R 0 0
A complete article on Greek support in FreeBSD is available https://www.FreeBSD.org/doc/gr/articles/greek-language-support/[here], in Greek only, as part of the official FreeBSD Greek documentation.
A complete listing of available locales can be found by typing:
Additional Cyrillic fonts are available in the Ports Collection.
Additional Language-Specific Resources
Alternately, the superuser can configure all users of the system for localization. The following variables in [.filename]#/etc/login.conf# are used to set the locale and MIME character set:
Available Console from Ports Collection
Available Input Methods
Before reading this chapter, you should:
Chapter 23. Localization - i18n/L10n Usage and Setup
Common Language and Country Codes
Console Setup
Defined Terminal Types for Character Sets