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IV. Network Communication
Chapter 29. Electronic Mail
Electronic Mail
After reading this chapter, you will know:
Which software components are involved in sending and receiving electronic mail.
Where basic Sendmail configuration files are located in FreeBSD.
The difference between remote and local mailboxes.
How to block spammers from illegally using a mail server as a relay.
How to install and configure an alternate Mail Transfer Agent, replacing Sendmail.
How to troubleshoot common mail server problems.
How to set up the system to send mail only.
How to use mail with a dialup connection.
How to configure SMTP authentication for added security.
How to install and use a Mail User Agent, such as mutt, to send and receive email.
How to download mail from a remote POP or IMAP server.
How to automatically apply filters and rules to incoming email.
Before reading this chapter, you should:
Properly set up a network connection (crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,Advanced Networking]).
Properly set up the DNS information for a mail host (crossref:network-servers[network-servers,Network Servers]).