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Part V. Appendices
Appendix A. Obtaining FreeBSD
Obtaining FreeBSD
CD and DVD Sets
FreeBSD CD and DVD sets are available from several online retailers:
FreeBSD Mall, Inc. + 2420 Sand Creek Rd C-1 #347 + Brentwood, CA + 94513 + USA + Phone: +1 925 240-6652 + Fax: +1 925 674-0821 + Email: <info@freebsdmall.com> + WWW: https://www.freebsdmall.com
Getlinux + 78 Rue de la Croix Rochopt + Épinay-sous-Sénart + 91860 + France + Email: <contact@getlinux.fr> + WWW: http://www.getlinux.fr/
Dr. Hinner EDV + Kochelseestr. 11 + D-81371 München + Germany + Phone: (0177) 428 419 0 + Email: <infow@hinner.de> + WWW: http://www.hinner.de/linux/freebsd.html
Linux Center + Galernaya Street, 55 + Saint-Petersburg + 190000 + Russia + Phone: +7-812-309-06-86 + Email: <info@linuxcenter.ru> + WWW: http://linuxcenter.ru/shop/freebsd
FTP Sites
The official sources for FreeBSD are available via anonymous FTP from a worldwide set of mirror sites. The site link:ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/[ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/] is available via HTTP and FTP. It is made up of many machines operated by the project cluster administrators and behind GeoDNS to direct users to the closest available mirror.
Additionally, FreeBSD is available via anonymous FTP from the following mirror sites. When obtaining FreeBSD via anonymous FTP, please try to use a nearby site. The mirror sites listed as "Primary Mirror Sites" typically have the entire FreeBSD archive (all the currently available versions for each of the architectures) but faster download speeds are probably available from a site that is in your country or region. The regional sites carry the most recent versions for the most popular architecture(s) but might not carry the entire FreeBSD archive. All sites provide access via anonymous FTP but some sites also provide access via other methods. The access methods available for each site are provided in parentheses after the hostname.
<<central, {central}>>, <<primary, {mirrors-primary}>>, <<armenia, {mirrors-armenia}>>, <<australia, {mirrors-australia}>>, <<austria, {mirrors-austria}>>, <<brazil, {mirrors-brazil}>>, <<czech-republic, {mirrors-czech}>>, <<denmark, {mirrors-denmark}>>, <<estonia, {mirrors-estonia}>>, <<finland, {mirrors-finland}>>, <<france, {mirrors-france}>>, <<germany, {mirrors-germany}>>, <<greece, {mirrors-greece}>>, <<hong-kong, {mirrors-hongkong}>>, <<ireland, {mirrors-ireland}>>, <<japan, {mirrors-japan}>>, <<korea, {mirrors-korea}>>, <<latvia, {mirrors-latvia}>>, <<lithuania, {mirrors-lithuania}>>, <<netherlands, {mirrors-netherlands}>>, <<new-zealand, {mirrors-new-zealand}>>, <<norway, {mirrors-norway}>>, <<poland, {mirrors-poland}>>, <<russia, {mirrors-russia}>>, <<saudi-arabia, {mirrors-saudi-arabia}>>, <<slovenia, {mirrors-slovenia}>>, <<south-africa, {mirrors-south-africa}>>, <<spain, {mirrors-spain}>>, <<sweden, {mirrors-sweden}>>, <<switzerland, {mirrors-switzerland}>>, <<taiwan, {mirrors-taiwan}>>, <<ukraine, {mirrors-ukraine}>>, <<uk, {mirrors-uk}>>, <<usa, {mirrors-us}>>.
(as of UTC)
{central-ftp} (ftp / ftpv6 / {central-http} / {central-httpv6})
In case of problems, please contact the hostmaster `<{mirrors-primary-email}>` for this domain.
{mirrors-primary-ftp1} (ftp)
{mirrors-primary-ftp2} (ftp)