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Part II. Common Tasks
Chapter 7. Multimedia
FreeBSD supports a wide variety of sound cards, allowing users to enjoy high fidelity output from a FreeBSD system. This includes the ability to record and play back audio in the MPEG Audio Layer 3 (`MP3`), Waveform Audio File (`WAV`), Ogg Vorbis, and other formats. The FreeBSD Ports Collection contains many applications for editing recorded audio, adding sound effects, and controlling attached MIDI devices.
FreeBSD also supports the playback of video files and ``DVD``s. The FreeBSD Ports Collection contains applications to encode, convert, and playback various video media.
This chapter describes how to configure sound cards, video playback, TV tuner cards, and scanners on FreeBSD. It also describes some of the applications which are available for using these devices.
After reading this chapter, you will know how to:
Configure a sound card on FreeBSD.
Troubleshoot the sound setup.
Playback and encode MP3s and other audio.
Prepare a FreeBSD system for video playback.
Play ``DVD``s, [.filename]#.mpg#, and [.filename]#.avi# files.
Rip `CD` and `DVD` content into files.
Configure a TV card.
Install and setup MythTV on FreeBSD
Configure an image scanner.
Configure a Bluetooth headset.
Before reading this chapter, you should:
Know how to install applications as described in crossref:ports[ports,Installing Applications: Packages and Ports].