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Security Considerations 安全注意事项
Network File System (NFS) 网络文件系统(NFS)
Data that would otherwise be duplicated on each client can be kept in a single location and accessed by clients on the network. 本地工作站使用更少的磁盘空间,因为通常的数据可以存放在一 台机器上而且可以通过网络访问到。
Removable media storage devices can be used by other machines on the network. This reduces the number of devices throughout the network and provides a centralized location to manage their security. It is often more convenient to install software on multiple machines from a centralized installation media. 网络上的其他计算机可以使用可移动媒体存储设备。这减少了整个网络中的设备数量,并提供了一个集中的位置来管理其安全性。从集中安装介质在多台计算机上安装软件通常更方便。
These daemons must be running on the server: 这些守护进程必须在服务器上运行:
Configuring the Server 设定服务器
The correct format for this situation is to use one entry: 解决这一问题的正确的格式是:
The server can be started now by running this command: 使用以下命令启动 nfs 服务端:
Configuring the Client 设定客户端
Locking 锁定中
Then start the applications: 然后使用下述命令启动该程序:
Machine Types 主机类型
Planning Considerations 规划注意事项
The configuration of the lab will be as follows: 实验室的配置如下:
Physical Server Requirements 服务器的物理要求
Adding New Users 添加新用户
Barring Some Users 不允许某些用户登录
Using Netgroups 使用Netgroups
Additional Users 其他使用者