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-C rate -C rate
-R rate -R rate
-c maximum -c maximum
-f or --driftfile -f or --driftfile
-i or --jaildir -i or --jaildir
-k or --keyfile -k or --keyfile
-l or --logfile -l or --logfile
-s maximum -s maximum
-s or --statsdir -s or --statsdir
A backup or second name server, called a slave, will reply to queries. 要有一台备援或次要名称服务器用来回复查询。
A caching name server is needed when: 以下情况会需要一台缓存名称服务器:
Adding New Users 添加新用户
Additional Systems 其他系统
Additional Users 其他使用者
Alternately, to connect to all targets defined in the configuration file, use: 或使用以下命令连接到配置文件中的所有目标:
An authoritative name server is needed when: 以下情况会需要一台有权的名称服务器:
Apache HTTP Server Apache HTTP服务器
Apache Modules Apache模块
As before, the Apache configuration will need to be reloaded for the changes to take effect, even in cases where it was just a module install. 和之前一样,Apache的配置需要重新加载才能生效,即使在只是安装模块的情况下也是如此。
Authentication 认证