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Network Servers 网络服务器
Synopsis 简介
By the end of this chapter, readers will know: 读完本章,您将了解:
This chapter assumes a basic knowledge of: 本章假设您有以下基础知识:
Network terminology. 网络术语。
Configuration File 配置文件
The seven columns in an entry are as follows: 这七个参数的含义如下所述:
where: 其中:
service-name service-name
socket-type socket-type
protocol protocol
Use one of the following protocol names: 使用以下协议名称之一:
user user
server-program server-program
server-program-arguments server-program-arguments
Command-Line Options 命令行选项
The available rate limiting options are: 可用的速率限制选项包括:
-c maximum -c maximum
-C rate -C rate
-R rate -R rate