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Part V. Appendices
Appendix D. OpenPGP Keys
OpenPGP Keys
The OpenPGP keys of the `FreeBSD.org` officers are shown here. These keys can be used to verify a signature or send encrypted email to one of the officers. A full list of FreeBSD OpenPGP keys is available in the link:{pgpkeys}[PGP Keys] article. The complete keyring can be downloaded at https://www.FreeBSD.org/doc/pgpkeyring.txt[https://www.FreeBSD.org/doc/pgpkeyring.txt].
{security-officer-name} `<{security-officer-email}>`
{secteam-secretary-name} `<{secteam-secretary-email}>`
{core-secretary-name} `<{core-secretary-email}>`
{portmgr-secretary-name} `<{portmgr-secretary-email}>`