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A troubleshooting section has been added to crossref:ppp-and-slip[ppp-and-slip,PPP].
crossref:mail[mail,Electronic Mail] has been expanded with new information about using alternative transport agents, SMTP authentication, UUCP, fetchmail, procmail, and other advanced topics.
crossref:network-servers[network-servers,Network Servers] is all new with this edition. This chapter includes information about setting up the Apache HTTP Server, ftpd, and setting up a server for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) clients with Samba. Some sections from crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,Advanced Networking] were moved here to improve the presentation.
crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,Advanced Networking] has been expanded with new information about using Bluetooth(R) devices with FreeBSD, setting up wireless networks, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networking.
A glossary has been added to provide a central location for the definitions of technical terms used throughout the book.
A number of aesthetic improvements have been made to the tables and figures throughout the book.
Changes from the First Edition (2001)
The second edition was the culmination of over two years of work by the dedicated members of the FreeBSD Documentation Project. The following were the major changes in this edition:
A complete Index has been added.
All ASCII figures have been replaced by graphical diagrams.
A standard synopsis has been added to each chapter to give a quick summary of what information the chapter contains, and what the reader is expected to know.
The content has been logically reorganized into three parts: "Getting Started", "System Administration", and "Appendices".
crossref:basics[basics,FreeBSD Basics] has been expanded to contain additional information about processes, daemons, and signals.
crossref:ports[ports,Installing Applications: Packages and Ports] has been expanded to contain additional information about binary package management.
crossref:x11[x11,The X Window System] has been completely rewritten with an emphasis on using modern desktop technologies such as KDE and GNOME on XFree86(TM) 4.X.
crossref:boot[boot,The FreeBSD Booting Process] has been expanded.
crossref:disks[disks,Storage] has been written from what used to be two separate chapters on "Disks" and "Backups". We feel that the topics are easier to comprehend when presented as a single chapter. A section on RAID (both hardware and software) has also been added.
crossref:serialcomms[serialcomms,Serial Communications] has been completely reorganized and updated for FreeBSD 4.X/5.X.
crossref:ppp-and-slip[ppp-and-slip,PPP] has been substantially updated.
Many new sections have been added to crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,Advanced Networking].