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A *bold* font is used for applications, commands, and keys.
User Input
Keys are shown in *bold* to stand out from other text. Key combinations that are meant to be typed simultaneously are shown with `+` between the keys, such as:
Meaning the user should type the kbd:[Ctrl], kbd:[Alt], and kbd:[Del] keys at the same time.
Keys that are meant to be typed in sequence will be separated with commas, for example:
kbd:[Ctrl+X], kbd:[Ctrl+S]
Would mean that the user is expected to type the kbd:[Ctrl] and kbd:[X] keys simultaneously and then to type the kbd:[Ctrl] and kbd:[S] keys simultaneously.
Examples starting with [.filename]#C:\># indicate a MS-DOS(R) command. Unless otherwise noted, these commands may be executed from a "Command Prompt" window in a modern Microsoft(R) Windows(R) environment.
C:\> tools\fdimage floppies\kern.flp A:
Examples starting with # indicate a command that must be invoked as the superuser in FreeBSD. You can login as `root` to type the command, or login as your normal account and use man:su[1] to gain superuser privileges.
# dd if=kern.flp of=/dev/fd0
Examples starting with % indicate a command that should be invoked from a normal user account. Unless otherwise noted, C-shell syntax is used for setting environment variables and other shell commands.
% top
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