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For a list of additional sources of information, please see crossref:bibliography[bibliography,Bibliography].
Changes from the Third Edition
crossref:dtrace[dtrace,DTrace] has been added with information about the powerful DTrace performance analysis tool.
crossref:filesystems[filesystems,Other File Systems] has been added with information about non-native file systems in FreeBSD, such as ZFS from Sun(TM).
crossref:audit[audit,Security Event Auditing] has been added to cover the new auditing capabilities in FreeBSD and explain its use.
crossref:virtualization[virtualization,Virtualization] has been added with information about installing FreeBSD on virtualization software.
crossref:bsdinstall[bsdinstall,Installing FreeBSD] has been added to cover installation of FreeBSD using the new installation utility, bsdinstall.
Changes from the Second Edition (2004)
crossref:config[config-tuning,Configuration and Tuning] has been expanded with new information about the ACPI power and resource management, the `cron` system utility, and more kernel tuning options.
crossref:security[security,Security] has been expanded with new information about virtual private networks (VPNs), file system access control lists (ACLs), and security advisories.
crossref:mac[mac,Mandatory Access Control] is a new chapter with this edition. It explains what MAC is and how this mechanism can be used to secure a FreeBSD system.
crossref:disks[disks,Storage] has been expanded with new information about USB storage devices, file system snapshots, file system quotas, file and network backed filesystems, and encrypted disk partitions.
A troubleshooting section has been added to crossref:ppp-and-slip[ppp-and-slip,PPP].
crossref:mail[mail,Electronic Mail] has been expanded with new information about using alternative transport agents, SMTP authentication, UUCP, fetchmail, procmail, and other advanced topics.
crossref:network-servers[network-servers,Network Servers] is all new with this edition. This chapter includes information about setting up the Apache HTTP Server, ftpd, and setting up a server for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) clients with Samba. Some sections from crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,Advanced Networking] were moved here to improve the presentation.
crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,Advanced Networking] has been expanded with new information about using Bluetooth(R) devices with FreeBSD, setting up wireless networks, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networking.
A glossary has been added to provide a central location for the definitions of technical terms used throughout the book.
A number of aesthetic improvements have been made to the tables and figures throughout the book.