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Part III. System Administration
Chapter 14. Security
Basic FreeBSD system security concepts.
The various crypt mechanisms available in FreeBSD.
How to set up one-time password authentication.
How to configure TCP Wrapper for use with man:inetd[8].
How to set up Kerberos on FreeBSD.
How to configure IPsec and create a VPN.
How to configure and use OpenSSH on FreeBSD.
How to use file system ACLs.
How to use pkg to audit third party software packages installed from the Ports Collection.
How to utilize FreeBSD security advisories.
What Process Accounting is and how to enable it on FreeBSD.
How to control user resources using login classes or the resource limits database.
Understand basic FreeBSD and Internet concepts.
Preventing Logins
# pw lock toor
# chsh -s /usr/sbin/nologin toor
The [.filename]#/usr/sbin/nologin# shell prevents the system from assigning a shell to the user when they attempt to login.
Permitted Account Escalation