# Additions for a V.32bis Modem
um|V300|High Speed Modem at 300,8-bit:\
un|V1200|High Speed Modem at 1200,8-bit:\
uo|V2400|High Speed Modem at 2400,8-bit:\
up|V9600|High Speed Modem at 9600,8-bit:\
uq|V19200|High Speed Modem at 19200,8-bit:\
# Additions for a V.32bis or V.34 Modem
# Starting at 57.6 Kbps
vm|VH300|Very High Speed Modem at 300,8-bit:\
vn|VH1200|Very High Speed Modem at 1200,8-bit:\
vo|VH2400|Very High Speed Modem at 2400,8-bit:\
vp|VH9600|Very High Speed Modem at 9600,8-bit:\
vq|VH57600|Very High Speed Modem at 57600,8-bit:\
/boot.config: -P
Keyboard: no
Additional programs are available through the Ports Collection, such as package:comms/minicom[].
After making any changes to [.filename]#/etc/ttys#, send a SIGHUP (hangup) signal to the `init` process to force it to re-read its configuration file:
After reading this chapter, you will know:
At the moment, the boot loader has no option equivalent to `-P` in the boot block, and there is no provision to automatically select the internal console and the serial console based on the presence of the keyboard.
Connect the serial cable to [.filename]#COM1# and the controlling terminal.
External modems are more convenient because they often can be configured via parameters stored in non-volatile RAM and they usually provide lighted indicators that display the state of important RS-232 signals, indicating whether the modem is operating properly.
If everything is set up correctly, all cables are in place, and the terminals are powered up, a `getty` process should now be running on each terminal and login prompts should be available on each terminal.
Now, any application that opens [.filename]#ttyu5# and tries to change the speed of the port will be stuck with 57600 bps.
That line should be the first line of [.filename]#/boot/loader.conf# so that boot messages are displayed on the serial console as early as possible.
The initial capability name specified in the entry in [.filename]#/etc/ttys# matches the name of a capability in [.filename]#/etc/gettytab#.
To change the force character, specify the following in [.filename]#~/.tiprc#:
big-university 5551111
big-university 5551112
big-university 5551113
big-university 5551114
cu115200|Use cu to dial any number at 115200bps:\