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# ctladm create -b block -o file=/data/target0
# cu -l /dev/cu.usbmodemFreeBSD1
# cu -l /dev/ttyU0
# kldload cfumass
# kldload if_cdce
# sysctl hw.usb.template=1
# kldload umodem
# sysctl hw.usb.template=3
# minicom -D /dev/ttyACM0
# service cfumass start
# service ctld reload
# service ctld start
# service devd restart
A LUN can be created without the man:ctld[8] daemon:
After pressing the kbd:[Enter] key a few times you will see a login prompt.
After reading this chapter, you will know: 讀完這章,您將了解:
As the man:ctld[8] daemon is started, it reads [.filename]#/etc/ctl.conf#. If this file is edited after the daemon starts, reload the changes so they take effect immediately:
Chapter 26. USB Device Mode / USB OTG
Configuring USB Device Mode Serial Ports 設定 USB 裝置模式序列埠
Configuring USB Mass Storage Target Using the cfumass Startup Script 使用 cfumass 啟動 Script 設定 USB 大容量儲存目標
Configuring USB Mass Storage Using Other Means 使用其他方式設定 USB 大容量存儲目標
Connecting to USB Device Mode Serial Ports from FreeBSD 自 FreeBSD 連線到 USB 裝置模式序列埠