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Part II. Common Tasks
Chapter 11. WINE
This chapter will describe:
How to install WINE on a FreeBSD system.
How WINE operates, and how it is different from other alternatives like virtualizaton.
How to fine-tune WINE to the specific needs of some applications.
How to install GUI helpers for WINE.
Common tips and solutions for on FreeBSD.
Considerations for WINE on FreeBSD in terms of the multi-user environment.
Before reading this chapter, it will be useful to:
Understand the crossref:basics[basics,basics of UNIX(R) and FreeBSD].
Know how to crossref:bsdinstall[bsdinstall,install FreeBSD].
Know how to crossref:advanced-networking[advanced-networking,set up a network connection].
WINE Overview & Concepts
WINE is a complex system, so before running it on a FreeBSD system it is worth gaining an understanding of what it is and how it works.
What is WINE?
When WINE runs a Windows(R) executable, two things occur:
Firstly, WINE implements an environment that mimics that of various versions of Windows(R). For example, if an application requests access to a resource such as RAM, WINE has a memory interface that looks and acts (as far as the application is concerned) like Windows(R).