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Will get this flavor: `py36`.
USES= python:3.4+
USE_PYTHON= distutils allflavors
Will get these flavors: `py34`, `py35`, and `py36`.
`PY_FLAVOR` is available to depend on the correct version of Python modules. All dependencies on flavored Python ports should use `PY_FLAVOR`, and not `FLAVOR` directly..
For a Port Not Using `distutils`
If the default Python 3 version is 3.6, the following will set `PY_FLAVOR` to `py36`:
RUN_DEPENDS= ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}mutagen>0:audio/py-mutagen@${PY_FLAVOR}
USES= python:3.5+
`USES=lua` and Flavors
When using <<uses-lua,`lua:module`>> or <<uses-lua,`lua:flavors`>>, the port will automatically have `FLAVORS` filled in with the Lua versions it supports. However, it is not expected that ordinary applications (rather than Lua modules) should use this feature; most applications that embed or otherwise use Lua should simply use `USES=lua`.
`LUA_FLAVOR` is available (and must be used) to depend on the correct version of dependencies regardless of whether the port used the `flavors` or `module` parameters.
See <<using-lua,Using Lua>> for further information.