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`SUB_LIST` is a list of `VAR=VALUE` pairs. For each pair, `%%VAR%%` will be replaced with `VALUE` in each file listed in `SUB_FILES`. Several common pairs are automatically defined: `PREFIX`, `LOCALBASE`, `DATADIR`, `DOCSDIR`, `EXAMPLESDIR`, `WWWDIR`, and `ETCDIR`. Any line beginning with `@comment` followed by a space, will be deleted from resulting files after a variable substitution.
This example replaces `%%ARCH%%` with the system architecture in a [.filename]#pkg-message#:
SUB_FILES= pkg-message
Note that for this example, [.filename]#pkg-message.in# must exist in `FILESDIR`.
Example of a good [.filename]#pkg-message.in#:
Now it is time to configure this package.
Copy %%PREFIX%%/shared/examples/putsy/%%ARCH%%.conf into your home directory
as .putsy.conf and edit it.