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# $FreeBSD$
# echo DEVELOPER=yes >> /etc/make.conf
% cd ..
% tar cf oneko.shar --format shar oneko
% svn add .
% cd ../..
% svn diff games/oneko > oneko.diff
.include <bsd.port.mk>
A well-written [.filename]#pkg-descr# describes the port completely enough that users would not have to consult the documentation or visit the website to understand what the software does, how it can be useful, or what particularly nice features it has. Mentioning certain requirements like a graphical toolkit, heavy dependencies, runtime environment, or implementation languages help users decide whether this port will work for them.
Add all the files with `svn add`. `cd` to the base of the ports tree so full paths to the changed files are included in the diff, then generate the diff with `svn diff`. For example:
After looking at the new port, we will reply if necessary, and commit it to the tree. The submitter's name will also be added to the list of link:{contributors}#contrib-additional[Additional FreeBSD Contributors] and other files.
After submitting the port, please be patient. The time needed to include a new port in FreeBSD can vary from a few days to a few months. A simple search form of the Problem Report database can be searched at https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/query.cgi[].
As `PLIST_FILES` is a man:make[1] variable, any entry with spaces must be quoted. For example, if using keywords described in man:pkg-create[8] and <<plist-keywords,Expanding Package List with Keywords>>, the entry must be quoted.
Before submitting the new port, read the <<porting-dads,DOs and DON'Ts>> section.
Chapter 3. Quick Porting
Checking the Port with `portlint`
Creating a [.filename]#.diff# for a New Port
Creating a [.filename]#.shar# for a New Port
Creating a packing list manually can be a very tedious task. If the port installs a large numbers of files, crosref:plist[plist-autoplist,creating the packing list automatically] might save time.
Creating the Checksum File
Do not blindly follow the output of `portlint`. It is a static lint tool and sometimes gets things wrong.
First, get the original tarball and put it into `DISTDIR`, which defaults to [.filename]#/usr/ports/distfiles#.
Giving a good description in the summary of the problem report makes the work of port committers and triagers a lot easier. The expected format for new ports is "[NEW PORT] _category/portname short description of the port_" for new ports. Using this scheme makes it easier and faster to begin the work of committing the new port.