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Special instructions
# pkg delete -g -f docbook-xml* docbook-sk* docbook[2345]??-* docbook-4*
# pkg delete -g -f docbook-xml\* docbook-sk\* docbook\[2345\]\?\?-\* docbook-4\*
% cd /home/user/ports
% env PORTSDIR=$PWD Tools/scripts/MOVEDlint.awk
% cd ~/my_wrkdir <.>
% svn co https://svn.FreeBSD.org/ports/head/dns/pdnsd <.>
% cd ~/my_wrkdir/pdnsd
% diff -u something.orig something > something.diff
% svn add new_file
% svn copy some_file file_copy
% svn move old_name new_name
% svn remove deleted_file
% svn diff > ../`make -VPKGNAME`.diff
% svn status
% svn update <.>
<.> This can be anywhere, of course. Building ports is not limited to within [.filename]#/usr/ports/#.
<.> This will attempt to merge the differences between the patch and current repository version. Watch the output carefully. The letter in front of each file name indicates what was done with it. See <<table-svn-up>> for a complete list.
<.> https://svn.FreeBSD.org/[svn.FreeBSD.org] is the FreeBSD public Subversion server. See link:{handbook}#svn-mirrors[Subversion mirror sites] for more information.
Any changes must be validated with `Tools/scripts/MOVEDlint.awk`.
As shown, the command will only work with bourne shells. Instead, use the form shown below, which will work with both bourne shell and c-shell:
Before submitting the bug, review the link:{problem-reports}#pr-writing/[ Writing the problem report] section in the Problem Reports article. It contains far more information about how to write useful problem reports.
Chapter 11. Upgrading a Port
However, sometimes people forget to put the name of the port into the Summary field in an unambiguous fashion. In that case, try searching in the `Comment` field in the `Detailled Bug Information` section, or try the <<portsmon,FreeBSD Ports Monitoring System>> (also known as `portsmon`). This system attempts to classify port PRs by portname. To search for PRs about a particular port, use the http://portsmon.FreeBSD.org/portoverview.py[Overview of One Port].
If `C` is displayed as a result of `svn update`, it means something changed in the Subversion repository and man:svn[1] was not able to merge the local changes with those from the repository. It is always a good idea to inspect the changes anyway, since man:svn[1] does not know anything about the structure of a port, so it might (and probably will) merge things that do not make sense.
If a port was removed but has since been restored, delete the line in this file that states that it was removed.
If a port was renamed and then renamed back to its original name, add a new one with the intermediate name to the old name, and remove the old entry as to not create a loop.