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Chapter 17. Using USES Macros
Using `USES` Macros
An Introduction to `USES`
`USES` macros make it easy to declare requirements and settings for a port. They can add dependencies, change building behavior, add metadata to packages, and so on, all by selecting simple, preset values.
Each section in this chapter describes a possible value for `USES`, along with its possible arguments. Arguments are appeneded to the value after a colon (`:`). Multiple arguments are separated by commas (`,`).
Using Multiple Values
USES= bison perl
Adding an Argument
USES= tar:xz
Adding Multiple Arguments
USES= drupal:7,theme
Mixing it All Together
USES= pgsql:9.3+ cpe python:2.7,build
Possible arguments: (none), `p7zip`, `partial`
Extract using man:7z[1] instead of man:bsdtar[1] and sets `EXTRACT_SUFX=.7z`. The `p7zip` option forces a dependency on the `7z` from package:archivers/p7zip[] if the one from the base system is not able to extract the files. `EXTRACT_SUFX` is not changed if the `partial` option is used, this can be used if the main distribution file does not have a [.filename]#.7z# extension.
Possible arguments: (none), `5`, `6`
Depends on an Ada-capable compiler, and sets `CC` accordingly. Defaults to use gcc 5 from ports. Use the `:_X_` version option to force building with a different version.