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Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this document, and the FreeBSD Project was aware of the trademark claim, the designations have been followed by the <quote>™</quote> or the <quote>®</quote> symbol. Muchas de las designaciones utilizadas por los fabricantes y vendedores para distinguir sus productos se reclaman como marcas comerciales. Cuando esas designaciones aparecen en este documento, y el Proyecto FreeBSD estaba al tanto del reclamo de marca registrada, las designaciones han sido seguidas por el<quote>™ o el <quote>®</quote> símbolo.
Annelise Anderson <email>ANDRSN@HOOVER.STANFORD.EDU</email> Annelise Anderson <email>ANDRSN@HOOVER.STANFORD.EDU</email>
Matthew Dillon <email></email> Matthew Dillon <email></email>
<link xlink:href="">Blue Mountain Arts</link> <link xlink:href="">Blue Mountain Arts</link>
<link xlink:href="">Epilogue Technology Corporation</link> <link xlink:href="">Epilogue Technology Corporation</link>
Sean Eric Fagan <email></email> Sean Eric Fagan <email></email>
<link xlink:href="">Global Technology Associates, Inc</link> <link xlink:href="">Global Technology Associates, Inc</link>
Don Scott Wilde Don Scott Wilde
Gianmarco Giovannelli <email></email> Gianmarco Giovannelli <email></email>
Josef C. Grosch <email></email> Josef C. Grosch <email></email>
Chuck Robey <email></email> Chuck Robey <email></email>
Dmitry S. Kohmanyuk <email></email> Dmitry S. Kohmanyuk <email></email>
<link xlink:href="">BuffNET</link> <link xlink:href="">BuffNET</link>
<link xlink:href="">Pacific Solutions</link> <link xlink:href="">Pacific Solutions</link>
Chris Silva <email></email> Chris Silva <email></email>
Eitan Adler <email></email> Eitan Adler <email></email>
Doug Ambrisko <email></email> Doug Ambrisko <email></email>
Shaun Amott <email></email> Shaun Amott <email></email>
Jonathan Anderson <email></email> Jonathan Anderson <email></email>
Matthias Andree <email></email> Matthias Andree <email></email>