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font8x8="iso-8x8" # font 8x8 from /usr/share/syscons/fonts/* (or NO).
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Fonts and FreeBSD
A Tutorial

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Wed Aug 7, 1996
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This document contains a description of the various font files that may be used with FreeBSD and the syscons driver, <application>X11</application>, <application>Ghostscript</application> and <application>Groff</application>. Cookbook examples are provided for switching the syscons display to 80x60 mode, and for using type 1 fonts with the above application programs.
There are many sources of fonts available, and one might ask how they might be used with FreeBSD. The answer can be found by carefully searching the documentation for the component that one would like to use. This is very time consuming, so this tutorial is an attempt to provide a shortcut for others who might be interested.
Basic Terminology
There are many different font formats and associated font file suffixes. A few that will be addressed here are:
<filename>.pfa</filename>, <filename>.pfb</filename>