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The very last thing in the <acronym>POST</acronym> is the <literal>INT 0x19</literal> instruction. The <literal>INT 0x19</literal> handler reads 512 bytes from the first sector of boot device into the memory at address <literal>0x7c00</literal>. The term <emphasis>first sector</emphasis> originates from hard drive architecture, where the magnetic plate is divided into a number of cylindrical tracks. Tracks are numbered, and every track is divided into a number (usually 64) of sectors. Track numbers start at 0, but sector numbers start from 1. Track 0 is the outermost on the magnetic plate, and sector 1, the first sector, has a special purpose. It is also called the <acronym>MBR</acronym>, or Master Boot Record. The remaining sectors on the first track are never used. <acronym>POST</acronym>的最后一步是执行<literal>INT 0x19</literal>指令。 这个指令从引导设备第一个扇区读取512字节,装入地址<literal>0x7c00</literal>。 <emphasis>第一个扇区</emphasis>的说法最早起源于硬盘的结构,硬盘面被分为若干圆柱形轨道。给轨道编号,同时又将轨道分为 一定数目(通常是64)的扇形。0号轨道是硬盘的最外圈,1号扇区, 第一个扇区(轨道、柱面都从0开始编号,而扇区从1开始编号) 有着特殊的作用,它又被称为主引导记录(Master Boot Record, <acronym>MBR</acronym>)。 第一轨剩余的扇区常常不使用。