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For a SIM driver there is one particularly interesting event: when a target device is considered lost. In this case resetting the SCSI negotiations with this device may be a good idea. So we register a callback for this event with CAM. The request is passed to CAM by requesting CAM action on a CAM control block for this type of request: 对于SIM驱动程序,有一个特殊感兴趣的事件:何时目标设备被认为 找不到了。这种情况下复位与这个设备的SCSI协商可能是个好主意。因此我们 为这个事件向CAM注册一个回调。通过为这种类型的请求来请求CAM控制块上 的CAM动作,请求就被传递到CAM:(译注:参看下面示例代码和原文)