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Basics 基础
Introduction 介绍
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Developing on FreeBSD 在 FreeBSD 上编程
So here we are. System all installed and you are ready to start programming. But where to start? What does FreeBSD provide? What can it do for me, as a programmer? 系统安装完毕后,你可以开始编程了。但从哪里开始呢?FreeBSD 提供了什么?作为一个程序员,它能为我做什么?
These are some questions which this chapter tries to answer. Of course, programming has different levels of proficiency like any other trade. For some it is a hobby, for others it is their profession. The information in this chapter might be aimed toward the beginning programmer; indeed, it could serve useful for the programmer unfamiliar with the FreeBSD platform. 这些都是本章试图回答的一些问题。当然,编程和其他行业一样,有不同的熟练程度。对一些人来说,它是一种爱好,对另一些人来说,它是他们的职业。这一章的信息可能是针对初学者的,事实上,对于不熟悉 FreeBSD 平台的程序员来说,这一章的信息也是有用的。
The BSD Vision BSD 愿景
To produce the best <trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark> like operating system package possible, with due respect to the original software tools ideology as well as usability, performance and stability. 在尊重原有的软件工具思想、可用性、性能和稳定性的基础上,尽可能地制作出最好的<trademark class="registered">UNIX</trademark>--like 操作系统软件包。
Our ideology can be described by the following guidelines 我们的意识形态可以用以下准则来描述
Do not add new functionality unless an implementor cannot complete a real application without it. 若非必要,勿增实体。