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FreeBSD GNOME Project: GNOME 1 Components
To see how to utilize these components, please examine the link:../example-makefile/[example Makefile].
|bonobo |devel/bonobo |oaf gnomeprint
|gal |x11-toolkits/gal |libglade
|gconf |devel/gconf |oaf
|gdkpixbuf |graphics/gdk-pixbuf |gtk12
|glib12 |devel/glib12 |pkgconfig
|gnomecanvas |graphics/gnomecanvas |gnomelibs gdkpixbuf
|gnomedb |databases/gnome-db |libgda
|gnomelibs |x11/gnome-libs |esound imlib libxml orbit
|gnomeprint |print/gnome-print |gnomelibs gnomecanvas
|gnomevfs |devel/gnome-vfs1 |gnomemimedata gconf gnomelibs
|gtk12 |x11-toolkits/gtk12 |glib12
|imlib |graphics/imlib |gtk12
|libgda |databases/libgda |gconf bonobo
|libghttp |www/libghttp |
|libglade |devel/libglade |gnomedb
|libxml |textproc/libxml |glib12
|oaf |devel/oaf |orbit libxml
|orbit |devel/ORBit |glib12
|pygtk |x11-toolkits/py-gtk |gnomelibs gdkpixbuf libglade
If you still need help with your port, have a look at some of the existing ports for examples. The link:mailto:freebsd-gnome@FreeBSD.org[freebsd-gnome mailing list] is also there for you.