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New Account Creation Procedure
Proposing a new committer
If you want to propose a new committer, you should send the following information to the appropriate entity:
Information on what established (FreeBSD) track record the nominee has. This is _not_ optional.
Who has volunteered to become the mentor for the new committer.
The email address of the nominee (remarkably often this is omitted).
Any commit bit requests that do not follow the guidelines outlined above will be delayed (at best) or earn you negative vibrations from the respective team/team secretary. For some guidelines on how the proposal itself should be written, please see link:../proposing-committers[a brief summary].
Responsible party for this procedure is:
src -> core@
doc -> doceng@
ports -> portmgr@
You will get ACK after the message is seen, and core@, doceng@ and portmgr@ will give you a response after voting is finished or when the timeout is hit. The timeout for core@ and portmgr@ is set to 7 days while for doceng@ it is 14 days, however, as indicated, this is just a worst case and team members may finish voting earlier.
Authorizing A New Account
Someone from the list below sends a PGP-signed email to accounts@, the person assigned as the mentor to the new committer, and copied to core@FreeBSD.org confirming the approval of the new account. This email should include a link to this document so the mentor/mentee know what is expected of them.
New account approvals are only valid from these PGP entities:
core-secretary (for src commit bits)
portmgr-secretary (for ports commit bits)
doceng-secretary (for doc commit bits)
_NOTE: New account requests from anyone other than these entities or requests signed with PGP keys other than from these entities will not be acted upon. No exceptions. In case of a new ports or doc committer the account request email should be CC:-ed to core._
Information Needed From The Mentor