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Policies for FreeBSD Project Members
*Committer's Guide*
The link:{committers-guide}[Committer's Guide] is an overall guide for all new committers, including both technical details and policy details. For the latter, see the chapters on link:{committers-guide}#conventions[Conventions and Traditions], link:{committers-guide}#developer.relations[Developer Relations], and link:{committers-guide}#rules[The FreeBSD Committers' Big List Of Rules].
It contains almost everything a new committer to the FreeBSD Project needs to know. See the Documentation Project Primer and the Ports Guide, below, for more info.
*General Policies*
link:../code-of-conduct[Code of Conduct]
link:../resources[Commit Bit and Project Resources Policy]
link:../expire-bits[Commit Bit Expiration Policy]
link:../bylaws[Core Bylaws]
link:../core-vote[Core's Voting Procedures]
link:../hats[Hats Term Limits Policy]
link:../i18n[Internationalization Policy]
link:../new-account[New Account Creation Procedure]
link:{pr-guidelines}[Problem Report Handling Guidelines]
link:../software-license[Software License Policy]
link:../data[User Data Policy]
link:../members[FreeBSD Project Membership]
*The FreeBSD Documentation Project*
The link:{fdp-primer}[FreeBSD Documentation Project Primer for New Contributors] covers everything you will need to know in order to start contributing to the FreeBSD Documentation Project, from the tools and software you will be using (both mandatory and recommended) to the philosophy behind the Documentation Project.
The link:../doceng[FreeBSD Doceng Team Charter] describes the purpose of Doceng.