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FreeBSD/i386 Project
This page contains information about the FreeBSD/i386 platform. FreeBSD/i386 should support any CPU compatible with the Intel(T) 80486 or better in 32-bit mode, although almost every recent AMD(T) and Intel(T) CPU will also be capable of running in 64-bit mode using the link:../amd64/[FreeBSD/amd64] port.
FreeBSD/i386 supports up to 4GiB of RAM by default. Machines with more RAM will either need to run link:../amd64/[FreeBSD/amd64] or run with link:{faq}#memory-i386-over-4gb[Physical Address Extension (PAE)] enabled in order to make use of any memory above the 4GiB boundary.
FreeBSD/i386 runs in 32-bit multiuser mode, in both Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor mode.
The i386 platform is a link:{committers-guide}#archs[Tier 1] FreeBSD platform through FreeBSD 12.x. It is a link:{committers-guide}#archs[Tier 2] platform in FreeBSD 13.0 and later.