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Ports and Packages for Supported Releases
Support of FreeBSD releases by ports and the ports infrastructure currently matches the link:../../security/#sup[policies set out by the FreeBSD Security Officer]. Once a major branch X reaches its EOL date, the "last known good" ports tree will be tagged with the `RELEASE_X_EOL` tag as a convenience to those remaining users who intend to self-support their installations. This tag is not supported in any way and security fixes will not be applied. Usage is therefore highly discouraged and should only be used if there is no other option; consumers are expected to provide their own support.
For all supported major src branches, all ports will be included in an automated quality assurance procedure which will build, install, package, and deinstall each port on all link:{committers-guide}#AEN1259[Tier 1 platforms]. Maintainers and committers are notified of failures detected during testing. Ports that are known not to build or run on a given supported branch and/or platform will be marked as such.
Prebuilt binary packages will also be provided for all major branches and Tier 1 platforms and will be made available via https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=pkg&sektion=8[pkg(8)]. Package builds will use the oldest supported minor release within each major branch to ensure ABI and KBI backwards compatibility within each major branch, and support all minor versions of each major branch, including `-RELEASE` and `-STABLE`.
The current package sets and estimated lifetimes of the currently supported branches are given below. The _Estimated EoL (end-of-life)_ column gives the earliest date on which that branch is likely to be dropped.
|Branch |Release |Package Branch |Package Set |Estimated EoL
|stable/11 |n/a |releng/11.4 | |September 30, 2021
|releng/11.4 |11.4-RELEASE |releng/11.4 a|

|September 30, 2021
|stable/12 |n/a |releng/12.2 | |June 30, 2024
|releng/12.2 |12.2-RELEASE |releng/12.2 a|

|12.3-RELEASE + 3 months
|main |n/a |main a|

|Best Effort