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FreeBSD 2.2.8 Errata Notes
The file
ERRATA.TXT contains post-release ERRATA for 2.2.8 and should always
be considered the definitive place to look *first* before reporting
a problem with this release. This file will also be periodically
updated as new issues are reported so even if you've checked this
file recently, check it again before filing a bug report. Any
changes to this file are also automatically emailed to:
For 2.2.8 security advisories, see:
For the latest information.
---- Security Advisories:
Current active security advisories for 2.2.8: None
---- System Update Information:
o /usr/sbin/sysctl is an invalid link and whereis(1) doesn't work.
Fix: sysctl(8) has actually moved to /sbin/sysctl. Simply create
a symbolic link for compatability purposes as follows:
ln -sf /sbin/sysctl /usr/sbin
or syncronize your sources with 2.2-stable and rebuild/install
from /usr/src/usr.bin/whereis/ and just rm /usr/sbin/sysctl
o /usr/share/doc/FAQ is in spanish.
Fix: This was a build failure which affected only the FAQ and has since
been fixed. If you are already cvsup/CTM'ing the doc-all tag then
you can simply remake and install the FAQ from sources, otherwise
grab ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/doc/FAQ.tar.gz and unpack
as follows: tar --unlink -xvzf FAQ.tar.gz -C /usr/share/doc
to get an english FAQ.
o getpwnam(3) semantics are incorrect in some cases.
Fix: If passed a string longer than the maximum allowed for a user name,
getpwnam will incorrectly return an entry for a user that matches the
initial characters in the string up to the maximum length allowed for a
user name. To correct this behaviour, libc needs to be patched and
recompiled. The appropriate patch can be obtained from:
link:../../[Release Home]